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Sasuke/Hinata is I-know-how-you-feel love.

Gaara/Hinata is alone-no-more love.

Kakashi/Hinata is teh smex!

Welcome to the LJ community solely dedicated to almost all pairings featuring the bashful kunoichi.

All new members must introduce themselves as soon as they are granted permission to join. A standard introduction will be as follows:

Name (does not have to be your real name; could be your username)
Birthday (you can lie if you want, we just want to know so we can give you something nice on that special day! ♥ Psst, the year is not necessary, you secret old hags.)
Favorite Pairings (be as weird as you want; if you like crack pairings, yaoi, yuri, or incest, just say so! We won’t hurt you.)
Favorite Hinata Pairings (again, we don’t mind if you prefer Hinata kissing Neji or Naruto; just tell us! You might find someone who shares your love for your favorite pairings; that’s how friendships are formed!)
Reason For Joining Community (do we have to explain this one? You can be lazy and say that you joined this community simply because you love Hinata; we won’t hate you - we love her too!)
Where Did You Find the Community? (Did you search for it? Did you see it on someone’s user info? We’re curious to know!)

Here are two examples of an introduction:

Name: Leilani
Birthday: January 28th
Favorite Pairings: NaruSaku, KakaKure, NejiTen
Favorite Hinata Pairings: SasuHina, ItaHina, NejiHina
Reason for Joining Community: Hinata’s my favorite character in Naruto!
Where Did You Find the Community: I saw it on Ladii-Chocolate’s profile page on FanFiction.net.


Name: Bold&Delicious
Birthday: April 11th
Favorite Pairings: ShikaTem, NejiSasu, LeeSaku
Favorite Hinata Pairings: KibaHina, ShinoHina
Reason for Joining Community: I just love writing KibaHina fics, so I was hoping to share them with a community of some kind.
Where Did You Find the Community: I was hella bored, so I searched for ‘Hinata’ and found it.

Fan-art (drawings, sketches, original works; colorbars, icons, graphic art) and fanfiction concerning Hinata are generally accepted. Any fan-art that would not be considered appropriate to a thirteen-year-old must be put under an LJ cut (which means anything R and up must be given a warning cut!), and all fanfiction above 400+ words should be put under an LJ cut as well. We’ll take links to your fanfiction if they’re not posted on LiveJournal (say, FanFiction.net) – just include the genre, title, pairing, and summary when you do.

Apropos, only pairings regarding our beloved demure kunoichi are welcome. You like NaruHina? Welcome to the club. You prefer SasuHina? You’ll enjoy this club. Is ItaHina more your style? C’mon and join us! Hell, we’ll take KibaHina, GaaHina, HakuHina, KakaHina, ShikaHina, LeeHina, NejiHina…whatever floats your boat. We encourage crack pairings!

January: Snowflake; Cream; Promise
February: The Right Combination; Secret; Addicted to Your Love Nicotine
March: Firsts*; Strength; Teddy Bears
April: Japanese Customs; Rain; Goodbye
May: Expressing My Feelings; Collision; Flowers
June: Heaven; Eternity; Sneeze
July: Moon; Torture; Tickles
August: A Simple Kiss; Bliss; Tears
September: Cherish; Winding Road; Devil Inside
October: Bubbles; Black Dress; Here Alone
November: Lasts*; Cinnamon; Touch
December**: Kiseki (Miracle in Japanese); The Future; Screams; “I can be your remedy. But if you look the other way, I might be your enemy.”

*Firsts and Lasts in the March and November sections can mean things such as first relationship, first kiss, last kiss, last touch, etc.

Oh, yes! We are also a song-sharing community. You may post any song lyrics or songs that people can download (as long as you feel that it reminds you of a Hinata pairing somehow). Please remember to LJ-cut all song lyrics, just incase they might be offensive to a person.

Would you like to affiliate with us?


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Now that everything’s said and done…have fun!