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06 July 2012 @ 10:50 pm
Hello there!  
Name: Keni

Birthday: July 21st

Favorite Pairings: I don’t really have any favorite pairings. Instead, I get in random ‘ship moods’ (for example, my last mood was “GaaNaru, SasuHina, and NaruSaku” while my current one is “SakuIno, GaaLee, and SasuNaru with a dash of LeeSaku”). I’m a pan-shipper. It’s not quite the same thing as a multi-shipper. I don’t ship many things (as multi-ship implies) – I ship everything. And I mean everything.

Yes, even the few ships I “dislike”.  I call it “angry shipping”.  I'll feel intense anger and bitterness while thinking and talking about a ship and its devoted shippers, often declaring that I absolutely despise the ship – and then daydream about the cute canon moments while merrily engrossing myself in fanfics and fanart, sometimes even writing or plotting out a few romantic stories of my own.

GaaNaru is my “home” ship, since there isn’t time to ship everything effectively and I know the GaaNaru shippers better than I do other shippers, but I don't think that's quite the same thing as ‘favorite pairing’ because I like the majority of the ships out there just as much.

Wow, this was a long reply to a simple question.

Favorite Hinata Pairings: We could be here forever, so I’ll just simplify it: Hinata x EVERYONE. :3

Reason For Joining Community: Hinata is one of my favorite Naruto characters.  She's so pretty and sweet, and she reminds me of myself.

Where Did You Find the Community? I did a search.